Bankroll 2-4-1 November


How would you like a horse racing service that’s banked (and proofed) +838pts since proofing started in June 2018, plus has added another +124pts last month (Oct) in your armory?

Hopefully, the answer to that question is a big FAT ‘YES’!

As you know, here at TIPSTER PLATFORMS, we are always rewarding our loyal customers with a string of unmissable OFFERS for the best-performing services.

And earlier this year we spoke to you back in August about one of these – BANKROLL RACING, who have blown us all away in the office with their consistent profits since proofing started back in June 2018.

Oh, and those that took the plunge with BANKROLL RACING back in August have not looked back with a cool +222pts banked (see here)

Read on to grab your CRAZY INTRO OFFER
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Trust us, it will only take a few minutes to take in this email, and with the stats mind-blowing it will be two minutes that can change the way you bet and certainly improve your bank balance.

As mentioned, this OFFER relates to the BANKROLL RACING SERVICE that we’ve been giving you the ‘heads-up’ on over the last few months.


Yes, we’ve some top profitable services – like Snowy, Paul Jacobs, Mastermind Racing, plus Trainers-Quotes and Fromthestables that give members plenty of winners.

However, many people in the Tipster Platforms office have already started to hail BANKROLL as the new ‘JEWEL IN THE CROWN’.

You’ll see what they mean below, when checking out their results (all proofed to us) over the last year and a half or so.


+838pts – Since proofing started in June 2018
+765pts – For 2019 (to date)
+124pts – Oct 2019

We back alongside them too and you can see here more top winnings just this week.

 Two more cracking winners and just missed out on the treble and £1,075 for only a £5 Patent – but it won’t be long before the Bankroll guys hit us the jackpot!



Plus, their 2019 tally (till 4th Nov) sits at a cool +765pts, while last month (Oct 19) they added another +124pts – See below.

Now, we’ll be honest with you – we had planned to wait until the launch of our NEW PLATFORM site called SUREWIN, before unleashing the BANKROLL HORSE RACING SERVICE properly.

But, as with most things technical the SUREWIN development, which started in January, is costing an arm and a leg, but we want to make sure it’s right and not launched half-hearted.

Therefore, the new expected completion date is close – but, trust us – it will be worth the wait.

There are loads of new exciting features, a few new services and, most importantly, the platform will continue to monitor ALL OUR SERVICES and only allow subscriptions to those that are doing well. In short, we only allow our members to join the services that are doing well and, as we say many times, we are always prepared to put OUR money where our mouth is and support our tipsters by backing alongside them too!



So – want to hear more about BANKROLL and how it works?

The BANKROLL approach is as good as we’ve seen in recent years and run by a Pro Trader that knows his stuff this is backed-up with his results.

As mentioned, we had planned to keep BANKROLL back for the new SUREWIN site, but we can’t let you miss out anymore!!

Tips Via Members’ Area and Email – On Average 1-3 Bets A Day With tips posted in a secure members’ area and also emailed out then even if you lead a busy life it’s easy to get involved.

Oh, and with on average just 1-3 selections a day – this is NOT one of those services that fire out 20 bets a day and hope a few stick!!

The EVEN BETTER NEWS is that we are opening the doors with a CRAZY ‘FREE MONTH’ OFFER OF JUST £39 for 2 FULL MONTHS (saving £39).

So – you can come on board now with a service that many in the TQ office are billing as the best we’ve yet to witness.

Yes, a bold claim as we’ve already got many top-performing services. But the BANKROLL results during his proofing period have been truly astonishing.

Run by a pro trader, his approach has seen him write over 500 models, modules and systems. In fact, whatever they are called these have been researched to create the perfect service – we’ve been backing alongside the BANKROLL picks over the last 6 months and it really has been a LICENCE TO PRINT MONEY!

You can find out a bit more about the BANKROLL service below.


+838pts banked since PROOFING STARTED IN JUNE 2018 (all proofed to TP) – tips delivered via email and posted in a members’ area.

Even at just £10 stakes that’s a staggering £8,380 – just think how handy that would come in!

Or, at £20 stakes £16,760!!

While, the good news is that the BANKROLL service shows consistent profits ALL-YEAR-ROUND.

Our – extra-long – proofing period of OVER A YEAR was a blessing in disguise as this proved that it wasn’t just certain times of the year that they peaked!

So – as mentioned, places for this NEW BANKROLL RACING SERVICE are limited and also EXCLUSIVE to readers of this email only – BOOK YOUR PLACE FOR JUST £39 FOR 2 FULL MONTHS (saving £39).


All selections are posted daily in a members’ area and are also emailed out to members (average 1-3 bets a day)

More about BANKROLL

If you love your horse racing, and love backing winners, then Bankroll Racing by James Ross is a ‘must-have’ addition to your betting portfolio.

James had been interested in horse racing from a young age so the seeds were already sown that a career in the betting world beckoned.

A few years after graduating from university James got a job as a junior football trader. He’s keen on all sports, so saw this as a wonderful opportunity to gain experience within the betting industry at the sharp end.

Within a few years he was responsible for placing considerable proprietary bets into the Asian handicap market on behalf of my company. During this period his horseracing betting was generally on the backburner.

However, after afterwards sponsoring a flatmate for a % of his entrance fee for an online poker tournament – a decision which yielded a £7,500 return – he decided to revisit the betting system he had started developing years ago.

This time – with a proper ring-fenced bankroll and a fancy new database – James refined his old system and considerably improved its profitability.

That was back in 2009 and James has not looked back since. He still works as a football trader…but his racing bets now represents a serious boost to his income!