August 2019

Let me let you into a little secret.

With there being no jumps racing for the next few days or so, I had a bit of a brainwave about another service that’s been performing so impressively for over a year. I’ve been following it for the last six months or so.

It’s another horse racing service that the guys that look after me (Tipster Platforms) have been monitoring and they have been backing all his selections, mine and Paul Jacobs.

Now, you are probably thinking, why am I telling you about another service?

I firmly believe having two or three ‘top-performing services’ at your disposal increases your chances of staying ahead in this game, damage limitations but not just any service, select only the best and from a trust worthy network.

I would not be letting you know about this guy if I hadn’t seen it for myself and the guys at TP asked me to take a look, he is astonishing. Those of you that have been with me for years and there are several hundred of you, firstly “thank you”, secondly you know I’ve only ever recommended one other service and that’s my good friend – Paul Jacobs, who also continues to do his & our members proud.

I was right with Paul Jacobs and I know this new service will be the same too, in fact his got us scared but like I said it’s good to spread your money around like stock’s and shares, why not profit from three services, or if one market under performs unexpectedly, you’ve got another to carry that dip and further one to profit from – believe me the guys at TP back each and every one of our info at odds to £10. You’ll see all their betting slips on their new SureWin site when it’s launched!

Being with the TP guys means that I’m privy to see other top performing tipsters and often help in the selection process, not many pass with flying colours but this one did and beyond.

Many proof – but as you know, they only let the best join.

They’ve also been beavering away behind the scenes on a NEW MAIN SITE that will be called SUREWIN and they were hoping to save this new service for the launch but have agreed to let mine and Pauls members join early so you don’t miss out any more, a thank you or a VIP status which you’ll be when the new Sure Win site is launched. Incidentally, membership will be limited on the new site which isn’t a ploy, I think it’s going to be 500 per service and they are going to let the main database register an interest only and not join so you are in a select group to be able to jump onboard now.

They are not far away with that launch, but simple couldn’t wait any longer to let their most loyal members know about a NEW SERVICE that they’ve (and me) have been blown away with.


The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve agreed to let my members know what’s on the horizon with this NEW SERVICE, with the TP team agreeing to put out an EXCLUSIVE FIRST MONTH OFFER.

Trust me, this is only going out to a select few people, with the bulk of the Tipster Platform base having to wait and register their interest before the new SureWin site goes live.

The BANKROLL SERVICE is not on the TP site, as they were waiting to launch in tandem with the new SureWin site, but with results going through the roof they just couldn’t wait any longer but just for their VIP members NOW!

But, that is good news for you!  

As they say – the early bird catches the worm – and with limited places on offer you can grab your slot via this full recommendation email offer for just Sure Wins VIP customers to be – and that’s only Mine and PJ’s customers presently!!

The BANKROLL approach is as good as I’ve seen in recent years and run by a Pro Trader that knows his stuff this is backed-up with his results.

A cool 679pts (BOG Profit at £1 per Point) banked since June 2018 (all proofed to TP) – tips delivered via email and posted in a members’ area.

And, as you can see here another great month just gone with July yielding +113pts.

August has started in the same way with 32pts already banked, see our slips below:

Trust me, no one else can join at the moment – only my members at this discounted £10 first month offer.

The new SUREWIN site is almost there, and incidentally I’ve had a sneak preview on this too and it’s amazing.

One top feature is that they will simply turn off any underperforming service. That’s right – as well as a tried-and tested proofing period before any service can launch, they will also monitor any that take big dip in form and to protect customers disable the ‘join’ button. 

As many of you also know the TP team are never afraid to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their tipsters. They back all my selections and have also been supporting the new BANKROLL guys behind the scenes too.

You can see evidence of that here, with these top winning bet slips.

So – as mentioned, places for this £10 BANKROLL RACING OFFER are limited and also EXCLUSIVE to readers of this email only. Trust me, the rest of the TP database won’t be offered anything like this for a while, so it really is a VIP offering.

More about BANKROLL

If you love your horse racing, and love backing winners, then Bankroll Racing by James Ross is a ‘must-have’ addition to your betting portfolio.

James had been interested in horse racing from a young age so the seeds were already sown that a career in the betting world beckoned.

A few years after graduating from university James got a job as a junior football trader. He’s keen on all sports, so saw this as a wonderful opportunity to gain experience within the betting industry at the sharp end.

Within a few years he was responsible for placing considerable proprietary bets into the Asian handicap market on behalf of my company. During this period his horseracing betting was generally on the backburner.

However, after afterwards sponsoring a flatmate for a % of his entrance fee for an online poker tournament – a decision which yielded a £7,500 return – he decided to revisit the betting system he had started developing years ago.

This time – with a proper ring-fenced bankroll and a fancy new database – James refined his old system and considerably improved its profitability.

That was back in 2009 and James has not looked back since. He still works as a football trader…but his racing bets now represents a serious boost to his income!

All the best,

Tipsterplatforms Ltd